Project Leader Senior Writer & Researcher Website Designer
  • Professor Heather Douglas
    Melbourne Law School
    The University of Melbourne
  • Kate Chapple 2015-17
  • Hannah Ehler 2020-21
  • Stephen Meadowcroft 2015-19, 2021
  • Dean Wilson 2020
Funding Partners
  • Attorney-General’s Department, (Commonwealth),
    in particular Stephen Still, Kerry Wolke, Sarah Teasey, Dianne Orr, Caroline McGregor, Adam Brooker and Kelsey Brewer
  • Australasian Institute of Judicial Administration,
    in particular Professor Greg Reinhardt and Alison MacDonald
Research Assistants (2015–2020)
  • Hannah Anderson
  • Lyndal Bubke
  • Marissa Carroll
  • Samara Cassar
  • Jessica Downing-Ide
  • Emma Fell
  • Renita Fernadez
  • Balawyn Jones
  • Sarah Kendall
  • Rebekkah Markey-Towler
  • Elissa Morcombe
  • Manasa Pappu
  • Sophie Philip
  • Imogen Reithmuller
  • Emily Rudz
  • Louise Scarce
  • Madeleine Skeen
  • Kate Thomas
  • Daniel Trigger
  • Juliet Walker
  • Gareth Ward
  • Jasmine Zamprogno
Judicial Reference Group (2015-2019)
  • Family Court of Australia: Justice Hilary Hannam
  • Federal Circuit Court of Australia: Judge Joe Harman
  • Northern Territory: Local Court Chief Judge Elizabeth Morris
  • Local Court Judge Sarah McNamara
  • NSW: Deputy Chief Magistrate Jane Mottley
  • Queensland: Deputy Chief Magistrate Leanne O’Shea
  • South Australia: Magistrate Jay McGrath, Magistrate Lynette Duncan
  • Tasmania: Magistrate Simon Brown
  • Victoria: Ms Cathy Lamble, Former Magistrate of Victoria, Magistrate Francis Zemljak
  • Western Australia: Magistrate Deen Potter

Victim experiences

Most of the victim experiences were prepared with assistance from an Australian Research Council Future Fellowship [Heather Douglas: FT 140100796]. We thank those who participated for their willingness to share their stories. The remaining victim experiences are based on case studies provided by Caxton Legal Service and Legal Aid (NSW).