Information sharing

  • Co-location of State and Territory child protection and other officials in Family Law Court Registries

    Open via Department of Social Services: National Plan to Reduce Violence against Women and their Children website.

    This initiative has funded the co-location of 16 child protection officials and 6 policing officials at family law court registries until 30 June 2025. It’s intended outcomes include:

    The intended outcomes of this program include:

    • a more coordinated response to family safety issues (demonstrated in part by the sharing of data relating to information or intervention requests in matters where child abuse is suspected or alleged)
    • judicial officers being able to make decisions with full knowledge of prior involvement by child protection and law enforcement agencies
    • strengthened judicial decision-making, with family safety risks identified and addressed earlier in family law proceedings
    • improved inter-jurisdictional understanding and cooperation, leading to better information sharing practices.
  • National Strategic Framework for Information Sharing between the Family Law and Family Violence Child Protection Systems. (webpage) 2023
    This Framework supports the appropriate and timely two-way information exchange between the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia and the Family Court of Western Australia (the family law courts) on the one hand, and state and territory courts, child protection, policing, and firearms agencies on the other.