Jurisdiction of FCFCA

  • About the Court.

    Open via the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia website.

    This webpage outlines the anticipated benefits of the new Court structure.

    The Court now “comprises two divisions:

    • Division 1 (a continuation of the Family Court of Australia) deals with family law matters. Division 1 has 35 specialist family law judges hearing both trials and appeals.
    • Division 2 (a continuation of the Federal Circuit Court of Australia) deals with family law, migration and general federal law matters. Division 2 has 76 judges; 55 of which are specialists in family law and the remainder experts in various areas of general federal law and migration.
    The Court will operate under the leadership of one Chief Justice with the support of one Deputy Chief Justice, who each hold a dual commission to both Divisions of the Court. A second Deputy Chief Judge assists in the management of the general federal law and Fair Work jurisdictions of Division 2.”
  • Family Violence Information Sheet (September 2021).

    Open via Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia website.

    This information sheet contains important information for litigants who allege they have experienced, or are alleged to have perpetrated, family violence, including safety at court, legal and support services at court, and cross-examination.
  • Family Violence Plan - [Former] Family Court of Australia and Federal Circuit Court of Australia – April 2019.

    Open via Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia website.

    The Family Violence Plan was developed in 2019, prior to the commencement of the Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia. The current issue does not reflect the recent structural changes to the Courts.

    The Plan ‘builds on the important work undertaken by the courts under the 2014-16 Plan and reflects the ongoing commitment of the courts to addressing family violence in all areas of operation’. Along with including the measures contained in the joint Family Violence Best Practice Principles, the Plan ‘contains actions for the administration of the courts, and for decision makers, legal practitioners, service providers and others involved in the family law system.

    The Plan sets out three priority areas, each of which has defined goals, identified actions and timelines: protection from family violence; safety at court; and information and communication.

    The Plan reflects contemporary understandings of the aetiology, dynamics and effects of family violence, informed by social science research. It has been developed in the context of the ongoing commitment of the Government to address and eradicate family violence.’

    See in particular at p 2, ‘The courts recognise the close connection between family breakdown and violence, and the detrimental impact on both adult victims and children living with family violence. Protecting family members, and particularly children, from the effects of family violence is central to all determinations of what is in a child’s best interest. Ensuring the safety of all people engaged in the family law system, including when attending court, is also a high priority for the courts.’