Parenting orders


  • Judicial Commission of NSW, Local Court Bench Book (2017).
    Section [25-000] discusses the procedures for dealing with applications for Apprehended Violence Orders, hearing applications, the making and variation of orders, consent orders, duration and conditions, and the National Domestic Violence Order recognition scheme.


  • Magistrates Court, Queensland, Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 Bench Book (2018).
    Chapter 9.11 discusses the interaction between domestic violence orders and family law orders, including parenting orders, an applicant’s obligation to inform the court about any family law orders, and the matters the court must consider before deciding to make or vary a domestic violence order. Chapter discusses the situation where parties have ongoing contact due to Family Court parenting orders.


  • Judicial College of Victoria, Family Violence Bench Book (2014).
    2.6 discusses the interaction between family violence orders and parenting orders, recovery orders and other orders under the Family Law Act. 5.14 discusses the relationship between family violence and family law.