• Fryer-Smith, Stephanie, Aboriginal Benchbook for Western Australia Courts (2nd ed, 2008).

    See generally chapter 6 (6.1) which deals with bail issues in relation to Aboriginal people.

  • Judicial College of Victoria, Family Violence Bench Book (2014).
    4.1.4 discusses bail and family violence offences.
  • Judicial Commission of NSW, Equality before the Law: Bench Book (updated 2022).
    2.3.2 discusses considerations in determining the appropriateness of bail and bail conditions for Aboriginal alleged offenders, however it does not deal specifically with domestic and family violence related offences.
  • Judicial Commission of NSW, Local Court Bench Book (updated 2022).
    Section [20-000] discusses the range of issues relevant to the granting, refusal, enforcement, and variation of bail.
  • Magistrates Court of Queensland, Domestic and Family Violence Protection Act 2012 Bench Book (2021).
    Chapter 7.6 discusses the situation where bail conditions mean that a domestic violence order is neither necessary or desirable. Chapter 22 discusses a range of issues relating to bail, including rebuttable presumption, conditions, and the definition of a domestic violence offence.