Economic abuse

The cases identified here provide examples of the way judicial officers have dealt with some of the issues raised in the context statement.

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  • RWT v BZX [2016] QDC 246 (30 September 2016) – District Court of Queensland

    Devereaux SC DCJ at [18] and [26]: ‘The evidence of the respondent’s friend, although about an incident which occurred in 2012, after a separation of the appellant and respondent, confirmed the respondent’s evidence about financial abuse. The friend deposed that the appellant told her, on the telephone, that the respondent must put her redundancy payment into the joint account and must not hold separate accounts, or she would not be able to return to the family.

    ‘In my view, as I mentioned during submissions, the fact that property settlements in family law matters are still contentious and, indeed, the mother still isn’t even getting face-to-face contact with her own child at the moment, there is every opportunity for the husband to continue his bullying behaviour to try and manipulate the wife into caving in to his demands about the child, about financial affairs, and anything else that he might have a penchant to do in his bullying behaviour. She is absolutely in need of protection. He needs to be kept well away from her’.